Remember, life is sweeter with crumbs in your beard!
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Originally from Eastern North Carolina, Baker Wes Dills grew up surrounded with the idea that “when we meet, we eat.” Whether it was church, community or family he developed a love for the dessert table, and he is excited to share his experiences here in Austin. Remember, life is sweeter with crumbs in your beard!


Just a few ways to get crumby —


C4 Cookies

These Chocolate Chocolate Chip Chip cookies have an absurd amount of chocolate chips and a variety of nuts that create the epitome of what a chocolate chip cookie should be - and the need for milk. Lots of milk!


7 Layer S’mores Cake

You don’t need a campfire to enjoy this beast, but if you have one, it’s highly recommended. 7 layers of graham sponge cake soaked with local honey syrup, filled with scratch marshmallow fluff buttercream, drenched in milk chocolate ganache and finished with toasted meringue.


Pearl’s Depression Era Coconut Cake

I have to give all the credit to my Grandmother Pearl. She always made this beauty for family gatherings. Eventually, my mom took over and then I learned to make it. It really shows how to take little to nothing and use it to the best of its ability. Old fashioned yellow cakes coated with white icing (I’m not even sure how to classify it) and encrusted with flaked coconut.


Drizzle Cakes

Much like its cute cousin the Linzer; drizzle cakes are perfect to showcase the flavors of the season. Traditionally made with lemon, these will make even the most staunch hater love the term MOIST! Try combining this luscious pound cake with lemon & thyme or rosemary & grapefruit.




When I was a freshman in high school I entered these puppies into the Wayne County Fair. I won a blue ribbon and continued to do so for as long as I was eligible. They have a crispy cinnamon laden outside and a chewy vanilla inside. Simplicity at its best!


Chicken Fried Bacon Gateau

Imagine layers of spice cake filled with a candied bacon praline filling and coated with a honey buttercream. Oh, and chicken fried bacon. And yes- you can eat it for breakfast.



Why have just one? The delightful Linzer dough is the perfect mode of transportation for a variety of zests, curds, fillings and coatings. These are the perfect treat to highlight the flavors of any season. My favorite is the Whipped Key Lime Caramel. But…i’ts like picking your favorite child. You say you love them all equally, but we know the truth. ;)


Smith Island Cake

I’m not from Maryland, but I LOVE this cake. It’s 10 layers of thin yellow cake and slathered with a cooked cocoa icing. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it doesn’t need them. In some cases less is more. In this case, you have 10 layers of cake! how many more do you really need!?





Bespoke Beardy Boxes

These little bundles of sheer bliss are packed with fresh baked C4’s, tray bakes and love. Order and have them delivered to your clients, your special someone or yourself - we don’t judge here. A 24 hour notice is needed for orders. Boxes Start at $18.

Sweet Sideboards

I mean, you can have a traditional cake, or you could make everyone happy. Let us customize the perfect dessert table for you and your guests. There is a minimum of 25 guests for this option


Drive by beardings

This option is perfect for busy days in doctors offices, being in and out of meetings with clients or when you have a staff training and you feel sorry for making them sit through 6 hours of webinars. Choose from a variety of scratch made cookies, tray bakes, cake slices and even snacky things like homemade caramel corn and glazed nuts. There is a minimum of $75 for this option.